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What Is Dirt Work?

Dirt work is important for any first steps of construction. To untrained people dirt work is just moving dirt around. However to professionals its laying the foundation for any good construction work. Dirt work includes grading, erosion control, excavations and even forming a foundation for a pad site.

Before any hardscaping or landscaping projects can take place, you may have to “grade” the area. But what is land grading, and why is it essential to any hardscaped or landscaped property? Land grading is a leveling of the surface. Dirt from higher up is moved into the lower lying areas to create a nice level surface to serve as the foundation for your project.

Sometimes land grading may require you to move in additional dirt from somewhere else to complete the job.Land may be graded flat or sloped. If you want to build a stone walkway for example, you’ll likely want a nice flat surface on which to lay the stone. But if you want to channel rain water away from your house, you’ll want to grade the land on a slope that runs down and away from your home

Demolition Services

We offer selective demolition, full-scale demolition, and everything in between. We are experts when it comes to demolition in demo decks and existing concrete. We’ll even dispose of all the leftover materials once demolition is complete.

You can count on us to manage your project with the highest standards of quality, safety, and professionalism. With over two decades of industry experience, our demolition contractors have the experience, skill, and work ethic you need.

Fire Pits Services

Fire pits are smaller than a fireplace but are just as customizable. These structures can range from steel bowls to a decorative chimney that has the ability to move around. If you’d like a fire pit that naturally blends in with its surroundings, then a boulder fire pit is a nice option. We can design tall tabletop height fire pits or longer trough-like styles. It all depends on what your plans for the space are.

Pool Decking

Pool decking is a term that refers to the area around your swimming pool. Most swimming pools feature poured concrete pool decks because they are cost-effective, but there are a range of enhanced pool decking options available.

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is poured concrete composed of two or more colors. This technique can give your pool deck a classic look for a low cost. Stamped concrete pool decking is sealed, which protects your pool deck from potential damage from pool chemicals.Stamped concrete can also mimic other materials like stone or brick. Texture can be added to stamped concrete pool decks to help make them less slippery, which may be important if you have small children in the home.